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Dr. Bryenton is a California native who has academic history in the Great Northwest and the San Francisco bay area. Dr. Bryenton is an alumnus from one of the countries premier establishments of contemporary Chiropractic, Life West Chiropractic College. Dr. Bryenton is an avid athlete with a focus expertise in sports injuries and rehabilitation protocols. "I have a high standard of excellence for patient care. My goals are to optimize individual health and raise public consciousness about the benefits of chiropractic through education and example."

Dr Bryenton was in college and undergoing a course of pre-med studies prior to the idea of becoming a Chiropractor. He knew he was going to have a career in medicine, but felt the specialty would come to him naturally. Following Christmas day, he was struck by an oncoming vehicle resulting in a head-on collision. This would change the course of his life forever. Dr. Bryenton suffered from Torticollis. Standard medicine provided zero results and after a month without a change, this collegiente soccer player was open to anything. A close friend recommended he go see her father, a Chiropractor...